Individual Finance

Individual Finance against Cash/Near Cash Collateral up to Pkr 150,000

Liquid assets are of a vital importance for the low income segments. In case of needs, they sell these assets in order to meet their emergent financial needs. To prevent sale of hard-earned assets at the time of urgent financing needs, Individual Finance provides short term financial facilities against cash/near cash collaterals such as saving certificates/term deposits.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Annual income (net of business expenses) not exceeding Pkr 500,000
  • Valid CNIC
  • Age between 18-64 years
Type of Credit
  • Short and Medium Term Finance
Purpose of Credit
  • Purchase inventories, manage receivables, make payment to creditors, etc. for micro/small businesses
  • Purchase or build business assets e.g. tools, implements, small machinery, renovation of shops, etc. for micro/small businesses
  • Meet social dispensation e.g. education of children, health care, housing repairs, repayment of expensive debts
Lending Methodology
  • Individual Basis
Loan Amount
  • Minimum: Pkr 20,000
  • Maximum: Pkr 150,000
Loan Tenor
  • Up to 24 months
Loan Repayment
  • Equal Monthly Installments
  • Equal Quarterly Installments
  • Bullet Installment
  • FMFB-P’s Term Deposit Receipt (TDR)
  • Deposit at FMFB-P’s branch
  • National Saving Certificates (Defense Saving Certificates, Special Saving Certificates)
Other Benefits
  • Credit Linked Life Insurance