First Roshan Mustaqbil Sarmaya

General Purpose Finance up to Pkr 100,000

First Roshan Mustaqbil Sarmaya is a general purpose loan product to meet social needs e.g. payment of education and health emergency expenses, small housing improvement, repayment of expensive debt from money lenders and to fulfill other household consumption needs.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Annual income (net of business expenses) not exceeding Pkr 500,000
  • Valid CNIC
  • Age between 18-64 years
  • Permanent resident status
Type of Credit
  • Short Term Finance
Purpose of Credit
  • Education – admission fee, tuition fees and hostel expenses
  • Health – in-hospital or OPD treatments
  • Housing improvement – minor structural and non-structural improvements; purchase/repair of household appliances and equipment, major electrical appliances, solar energy appliances, fuel efficient stoves
  • Equity contribution required for joint venture projects with government and non-government organizations/NGOs/development organizations for completion of small infrastructure projects i.e. micro hydels projects, drinking water supply schemes, construction of roads, bridges, water reservoir and irrigation channels, etc. at the village level
  • Any other personal/household consumption need i.e. stocking of food supplies in winter, etc.
  • Loan is not permissible for dowry
Lending Methodology
  • Solidarity Group
Loan Amount
  • Minimum: Pkr 10,000
  • Maximum: Pkr 100,000
Loan Tenor
  • Up to 12 months
Loan Repayment
  • Equal Monthly Installments
  • Bullet Installment
  • Group Guarantee
Other Benefits
  • Credit Linked Life Insurance