First Khushal Mustaqbil

Bancassurance Product

In order to facilitate low income households to meet their medium to long term financial goals, First Khushal Mutaqbil provide various voluntary long term investment plan linked with life insurance. The investment plans have been designed keeping in view the saving capacity and saving patterns of low and middle income households. Investment plans are available for children’s higher education and marriage, as well as protection for the bread-earner in old age. Investment plan can range up to 25 years, and are customized to an individual client’s needs and saving patterns. Guaranteed amount is paid by the insurance company to the family in case of death of the policy holder.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Male and female individuals living in urban and rural areas
  • Maximum age up to 60 years
  • Valid CNIC

Insurance Companies:

  • Jubilee Life Insurance
  • EFU Life Assurance Ltd